Mayo Clinic Diet

What You Need To Know About The Mayo Clinic Diet

Mayo Clinic diet is a special diet which is created by Mayo Clinic and more than a diet it is a long term program which is related to weight management by an expert team at the clinic. The Mayo Clinic diet ensures that one is capable of adapting to new habits which are healthy and getting rid of the old ones. The aim is to make a person willingly indulge into simple and pleasurable changes that will ensure a healthy diet and the desired weight for the rest of his/her life. According to the Diet Dynamo, the primary purpose of Mayo Clinic diet is to take up the dual challenge of making a person lose the excess weight and also making sure that he/she eats healthy for the rest of their life. It influences one’s daily routine by building inner motivation to lose weight and to make sure that one exercises regularly.

The menu for a diet at Mayo Clinic is maintaining an intake of twelve hundred calories a day. This includes a four-course meal as specified below:

  • For breakfast- For starting a day keep your meal light yet healthy. Mayo Clinic diet suggests you have half a cup of Oatmeal with one cup of meal and two tablespoons of raisins. You should add one-fourth cup of mango juice and any beverage free of calorie.
  • For Lunch- For lunch, one can have quinoa and sweet potato cakes. Along with salad tossed in any fat-free dressing and any calorie-free beverage.
  • For Dinner- For dinner, one must have one pita pizza and three-fourth cups of different kinds of fruit avoiding the sweet fruits which due to sugar content are rich in calorie along with any beverage which is free of calories.
  • For snacks- For snacks, one can have a cup of sliced bell pepper along with two tablespoons of hummus. One can also have sweets only if it can be limited to 75 calories a day. To make your menu a bit more interesting you can have dark chocolates or low-fat yogurt which is a replacement for sweet.

You might plan to follow the Mayo Clinic Diet because it is developed by certified professionals and it helps you in taking up healthy lifestyle habits and reduce health risks. Keeping all these in mind, it is mandatory that you should check with your doctor before starting any weight loss diet. Read more at or learn more about the Mayo Clinic Diet here.